The essence of going entrepreneurial

Dear readers. This is not a clichéd statement. As late as this year of the twenty first century – it could be years from now, for that matter, and the statement of intent will still apply – this article’s remark repeats the important mantra of all successful entrepreneurs across the world; where others see failure, you, or we, see opportunity. That encapsulates the essence of going entrepreneurial. It resonates well with today’s essential commercial scheme of things.

You may as well add in the Internet of Things – abbreviated to the online acronym of IoT, so do get used to this, because you are going to see it a lot, cliché or not – and in doing that, you are adding an entire treasure chest of even more entrepreneurial opportunities. Internet and software savvy entrepreneurs prefer to refer to it blandly as their toolkit. Others may wish to call it their war chest. You call it what you will, there are opportunities for everyone.

They used to say; there are jobs for everyone. Well, depending where in the world you are, there still are. But the majority of job opportunities available today are menial at best. These are the essential jobs that no-one else wants, not even today’s autonomous subjects. You usually find that where migration is permitted, the business intentions are clear. Where all else was lost, migrants needed to make their way to your town if you will to seek a new start in life.

Established entrepreneurs, particularly those already very much part of the IoT (that acronym again) have already grasped the opportunities. Not only are migrant workers being given new job opportunities, they are also being empowered to learn new skills and, in time, become eligible for today’s entrepreneurial opportunities.